Stop The North Minneapolis Greenway
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In June 2016,the Northside Greenway Council installed a temporary mock greenway setup on the 3000-3500 residential blocks of Irving Ave N in North Minneapolis.

This installation has been poorly planned, poorly executed, and the plans poorly communicated to residents on the route. Further, the installation is unsafe for residents, their properties, and cyclists alike, as well as being an eyesore.

We do not want our property usage encroached on by outside special interest groups, we do not want our children’s lives endangered, we do not want access to our properties limited, and we do not want our property endangered and devalued. Neither the temporary greenway nor the planned permanent greenway will provide any tangible benefit to residents that is not already provided sufficiently by Folwell Park and Jordan Park.

As neighborhood residents affected by the temporary greenway route, we demand that the Northside Greenway Council, The City of Minneapolis, and any other agencies or jurisdictions with authority over this project dismantle this temporary greenway installation, and abandon plans for a permanent greenway installation.

verb en·croach \in-'kroch, en-\

: to gradually move or go into an area that is beyond the usual or desired limits

: to gradually take or begin to use or affect something that belongs to someone else or that someone else is using

intransitive verb
: to enter by gradual steps or by stealth into the possessions or rights of another
: to advance beyond the usual or proper limits

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