Resident Concerns: Mark Wallek

The “greenway” is not wanted by the residents of the neighborhood, that much is obvious. I live a block away and having lived here off and on equally since 1952, I can say that this obnoxious abomination is NOT any contribution to what was once and I would hope would be again a peaceable neighborhood of single family, owned by resident, homes. The choice of colors is idiotic and sophomoric. “Greenway” implies something organic, of the natural order. A cow watering trough and colours to upchuck to are such an incredible waste of money that it sickens me. The fact that the vast majority of resident owners don’t want this, and the ignoring of this, is disgusting. But the ridiculous execution is enraging because it’s absolute rotting tripe and no boon to this area. I won’t even go into issues of policing and emergency response or handicap accommodation. Ryback shoehorned in a sloppy and ill executed biking system that’s years away from viability here northside, where as a teenager I could bike anywhere in the Jordan and surrounding neighborhoods at any time of night. Today? No, we do not need an amateurish and ill executed abomination so people can have a feel good adventure on the northside during the daytime. We need crime reduction based on a demand for a change in how many resident behave. We need ordinance enforcement relative to property upkeep and vehicle maintenance and numbers. We need sloppy uncaring absent property owners to cease inflicting themselves on our neighborhood with their placement of bad tenants. We need the mayor and our council representatives to state clearly that they are for our single family home neighborhoods and will actually do something to help we residents protect these homes for future families to grow up in.

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