… Because the Hammocks Weren’t Bad Enough…

This morning, the greenway is having tree trunks installed onto the greenway… presumably to “pretty it up” for the grand opening tomorrow.


Phillip posted a few photos on a local Facebook group, including the one above.  Click HERE to go to that post.

Here is the problem.  Just one block south of where these are being installed (Who knows, these may be going in on other blocks as well!) is the 3400 block of Irving – which had the 2011 Tornado go right over it.  It doesn’t have the nice canopy of trees that the 3500 block does (pictured)… because we lost so many beautiful old trees in the tornado.

100 plus year old hardwood trees were ripped from the ground like they were nothing.  They landed on and in houses, on cars, blocked people from accessing their front doors (oh, the irony!), and more.

It was many months before the tree damage was cleared up.  There were giant stumps with pulled up sidewalks all over north until more than 5 months later, some into the following summers.   It was hard to see, for everyone in north.  A few visual reminders:

IMG_6363 IMG_6367 IMG_6369 IMG_6371 IMG_6373



IMG_9689 IMG_9690 IMG_9698 IMG_9702 IMG_9714 IMG_9744

This was our reality in May 2011, and  – to varying degrees – for months after the fact. Why ANYONE would think that people on this route would want such a visual reminder of that time -more stumps in the street! – is beyond me.

It’s just another slap in the face being imposed on us by people who do not live here, and don’t know the first thing about what it’s like to live here.  People who were not impacted by that tornado, people who are not impacted by the greenway.


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  • Phillip Murphy

    The degree to which poorly planned project is being forced on the part of the city, of all parts, the least able to have a voice of concerns against this.

    This is appalling

    Try and put this exact blueprinted plan, yes there are blueprints, try this in uptown, kenwood, lowry hill, linden hills, anywhere out of the per capita poorest, impacted area in the city and see how far such a project will go

    Minneapolis is a very cosmopolitan city leading in so many ways

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