Hazardous Alley Neglect on the Greenway Route

This morning, a resident posted the following photos to our Facebook group, and gave us permission to share:

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These photos were taken in the alley adjacent to the temporary greenway setup.


This is one of the alleys that are expected to be used not only as a main thoroughfare for those along the temporary greenway installations, but for parking for both residents and their guests.
Obviously this is an unsafe situation for both homeowners and those forced to drive through/park in that alley… and it’s apparently been this way for more than a few weeks, at this point.



Where is the supervision for this project?  Why are such hazards not being addressed in this area in ANY case, never mind on a surrogate thoroughfare?


Isn’t it amazing that this is the same city who worked hard to ban anyone but the immediate homeowners from accessing these very alleys?   Apparently alleys are sacred when the city losing revenue to metal scrappers is a possibility, but not so much when $600k – 18mil in grants are available.


As is usually the case in this city, residents – especially those in low income areas – are the first to be sold out.


This is shameful, and would never be tolerated in any of the more well-to-do areas of the city.  This split is at eye level, and there’s no way any of the city councilors, workers, greenway council reps, etc would overlook such a hazard if it occurred on THEIR “thoroughfare”.

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  • Mark Wallek

    The idea of using the alleys as a thoroughfare goes against the grain. The alleys are for use by residents, not as thoroughfares. I have jerks flying thru the alley at 45/50. The idea of the “greenway” alleys becoming thoroughfares is going to be a nightmare for residents. What stupid planning and execution by these force feed do-gooders.

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