It’s Official: The Neighbourhood Does NOT Want This!

After many months of misleading promotion tactics from the Greenway Council, being ignored by the city, and the media presenting an INCREDIBLY inaccurate, one-sided view of what residents in our neighbourhood are living with… It’s with GREAT pleasure that we share the news we received this morning:

Last night, the Folwell Neighbourhood Association passed an official resolution, demanding the immediate removal of the temporary greenway installation.

To say that those of us who have been fighting this ugly, dangerous encroachment are jubilant right now would be quite the understatement!

Of particular note: Not only did the neighbourhood association demand the removal, they also acknowledged the reality that so many of us have been trying to bring attention to: that what was implemented is NOT what was promised, and is not what is being promoted to outside interests.



It is SO empowering to see that our neighbourhood association is joining us in pointing out the reality of this situation.  It’s one thing to point out that “the emperor has no clothes”, ourselves…  but it sure feels great to have official backing on that.

If you would like to read the official resolution, CLICK HERE.



Editing to add: If there are questions regarding this action please contact the Folwell Neighborhood Association. or 612-521-2100.


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