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Resident Concerns – L.D.

August 22, 2016

We recently invited those opposed to the Greenway to email their concerns to a list of politicians and others involved with forcing this fiasco on us. With permission, we are sharing some of those that have been forwarded on to us by the author.

If you have sent such an email to the powers that be, and would like us to post it, please send a copy to us at fightback at stopthegreenway dot com. Please include information on how you would prefer your name to appear: Full name, initials, anonymous, etc.

My family and I have owned a home on the proposed Greenway, 4000 block of Humboldt Avenue North, for over 4 years. I had concerns from the time I received a letter regarding the proposed plan and responded twice by email and have attended one planning meeting.

I take exception to the results of the surveys as my household was never contacted to be interviewed. Someone is at home 90% of the time and no one contacted us, nor if they tried, did they leave any information.

The only thing I like about the proposed Greenway is the name – but where is the “green?” I have visited the demonstration project…Easter egg colored paint on the road, orange cones, barricade sticks and more signs…it looks like a children’s birthday party obstacle course – gone wrong. I have sympathy for the people who have to look at it out their front doors. It has benches – yes, but I can’t imagine wanting to sit on a bench in the hot sun and stare at your own houses. Basketball hoops might be added? Again, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to hear basketballs bouncing right outside their living rooms or bedrooms. (Some people don’t have central air and keep their windows open for air.)

The main negative feedback seems to be the parking issue, an issue of concern for me as well. I don’t think the details of how this would negatively impact me and my neighbors have been considered. On the posted page of FAQ, the question of where to park was condescendingly addressed by saying we could park in our garages, driveways and parking pads (whatever that is). (I’m glad they mentioned it as no one would have thought of that!) On Saturday morning, I counted 35 cars parked on Girard (the next street over) and 17 cars parked on my street. Please say you do not expect 17 extra cars (from Humboldt) to find parking spots on Girard). And this is summertime; in the winter there are issues like no parking allowed on plowing days or worse, one sided parking only.

I don’t even use my driveway as it full of broken glass and nails. I have picked up 7 nails in my tires in the last 3 years.

On the 4th of July, my next door neighbor had a party. About 15 guest arrived by car. Most had children walking with them or were carrying babies and food. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to have them park a street over and have to walk to their destination? Now imagine it is winter.

My daughter uses Metro Mobility which I see concessions have been made for front door pick up. Metro Mobility also has a taxi service that clients can use and Metro Mobility pays all but $5.00 for a ride. We have already contracted for a privacy fence for our backyard and once built there will be no sight access to who has arrived in our driveway. Will taxis be allowed to pick up at the front door? I also see an exception has been made for large delivery trucks – here again, what is considered large – Fed EX, UPS U-Hauls, pickups? It doesn’t seem like anyone has thought through all the details.

I also have concern about safety. I certainly wouldn’t let my child play in the street designated only by paint and cones. If connecting the parks is an objective, what is wrong with the sidewalks that are already in place? I have read there will be enhanced lighting, trash pickup and snow plowing. Of course this would be an extra tax burden to homeowners. The curious thing is if this plan comes to fruition, taxes will go up and certainly home values will go down.

Last week, yards on the demonstration block were trespassed on and vandalized – “Stop the Greenway” signs were destroyed. This “project” has now become a divisive issue – in light of the other issues our community faces, please don’t let another one make us hate our neighbors. It is extremely hard if not impossible to insinuate a “greenway” into an already established neighborhood. The successful greenways have not had the space issues that we face here. We already have the Victory and Theo Wirth Parkways in North Minneapolis. They were planned before houses were there. They are well used and beautiful. The question was asked, “Why can’t North Minneapolis have anything nice?” This is not the answer. This is being seen as another insult to an economically challenged area. – L.D, 7/19/26


Marge Cullen
August 23, 2016 at 3:08 am

I drove by going to North Memorial last week and that is exactly my thoughts it looks like a play ground and a very poorly designed one at that. I feel bad for North folks as I live NE. Having things crammed down your throats seems to be a city theme. I cannot wait to retire and hopefully pull out of here. 55 years in Minneapolis and it is getting worse not better.

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