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More Sign Thefts and Vandalism

Yesterday morning, I was saddened to see yet another report of stolen “Stop the Greenway” signs along the 3500 block.  By this account – with photos – every sign had been pulled up and dumped in the street.


This was the morning after Greenway representative Will Lumpkins had hosted a pro-greenway event, and – no surprise – every single one of the yellow “Support the Greenway” signs remained as they were.

When I walked the route later that afternoon, I was saddened to see that most of the remaining “Stop” signs had now been tethered to something more permanent on the resident’s lawn (in one case), or moved indoors (windows, behind storm doors, etc) altogether – in most of the other cases.  Many more of the signs that we had placed were just missing altogether.

It makes me angry that this organization and/or its supporters – backed with hundreds of thousands of dollars – attempts to squash negative feedback in any way possible.  Those were signs I paid for from my own pocket, later reimbursed by crowd funded donations from the community.  They stole from all of us, these actions are working to silence all of us.

To add insult to injury, this comes only 2 weeks after I addressed the theft/vandalism issue with greenway council chair Alexis Pennie, who promised me that he would put out an official, public request from the greenway council to ask its supporters to not steal and vandalize our signs.  I agreed to do so in return, for our side.  I followed through, he did not.

This is just another example of how the pro-greenway side has been working to force a narrative of support from the community.

I recently wrote about my frustration with this unfair, uphill, “David vs Goliath” battle, in this blog entry.  This recent spate of sign thefts/vandalism seems like awful punctuation to that article.  It’s exhausting.

To those promoting and supporting the greenway, I ask:  If you legitimately want resident feedback and input, why are you so invested in silencing any and all dissent?  If you think you are in the right in forcing this greenway on us, why must you work so hard to make it seem like you have “overwhelming support”?

To those fighting against the greenway:  Thank you again for your support.  Hold strong!

Also, again: I understand that this has been frustrating, but please, PLEASE do not lower yourselves to their level.  Leave the pro-greenway signs as they are. We are fighting for what’s right, and we can’t succumb to or adopt their dishonest tactics to do so.

Canvassing Notes – 3500 Block

Canvassed the 3500 block tonight.

About half the people weren’t home. Of those we talked to, a couple were neutral (They saw some benefit, but thought things need to be done differently – like 1 way street), 2 were pro greenway, and the rest (overwhelming majority) were anti. Many of the antis were VERY anti.


We collected a lot of signatures for the petition, and a bunch of signs will be going up soon. Also, a few people will be emailing statements for the website.

Overall, it was easy work – took two of us 2 hours to do the block. People (aside from one of the pro-greenway households) were all very nice!

Some highlights of conversation:

LOADS of issues with safety.

Multiple people mentioned the fire truck having tried to get through multiple times and failing.

Multiple people were concerned about it teaching kids to play in the street.


Multiple people expressed concern that people were congregating there from all over, people they hadn’t seen before. People coming up into their yards, etc.

Several comments about people in the street helping themselves to flowers from residents’ lawns.

A couple people mentioned that the increase in traffic/parking usage in the alley have left their cars blocked in on multiple occasions.

Two people mentioned their cars having a bunch of new dents since parking in the back alley.

One elderly cancer patient is unable to get picked up for her treatments by her front door, says access to the back is much more difficult. Described having to throw her walker over the fence to get a cab (?)



Several people mentioned kids hurting themselves on the hammocks, including one girl who caught her clothing on one while cycling. Apparently she fell face first into the pavement.

One resident is an Uber driver, is unable to pick up customers along the greenway route.

I encouraged the neutrals to email in with their comments. I think it’s important that the greenway council, city, etc see that even those who sort of support it would much prefer it was done differently.