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All Quiet on the (Neon) Greenway Front…

August 1, 2016

Things have been pretty quiet with the Greenway lately… in more than one way.

With the apparent disbanding of the Greenway Council, no further meetings planned… and borderline silence from our elected representatives, we’ve had little to report.

Additionally – and this comes as a surprise to no one who lives here – the temporary “greenway” installation has gone all but unused. Residents are reporting street barren of everything but garbage and abandoned children’s cycles. Even on days with gorgeous weather, the cyclists are nowhere to be found!

The odd time a human ventures out onto the “greenway”, it’s children playing in the street… with a large park less than a block away.

We recently started up a Youtube account for this site, and are welcoming submissions from residents. The main channel is HERE, but we’d like to show a couple videos that are representative of an average day on the greenway.

These videos are about 2 and 4 weeks old, respectively. Aside from additional buildup of garbage and general blight, the lack of use depicted is accurate for current conditions, as well.

Why are homes being devalued and residents subjected to inconvenience and dangerous conditions, for a street that is not even being used? This greenway is not only not wanted, it’s not needed AND not utilized.


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