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Safety Issues

While many safety issues have already been covered in the Crime Issues section, there are many standalone safety issues that have cropped up during and since the installation of the temporary greenway. Among them:

- While canvassing, many residents along the route spoke to us about concerns regarding kids being taught to play in the road.

On the section that is completely blocked off to traffic, there are concerns that it will teach kids that playing on the road is ok, and that they won't differentiate complete from partial greenway, or from normal streets. For the sections that are partially done up as "greenway", there is the concern that the layout and implementation of the greenway as it is now creates hazardous conditions for the children and others. (See next point)

- This video demonstrates how unsafe the 5/6 blocks (The ones that allow traffic) are for EVERYONE - drivers, cyclists, children, and homeowners.

Trying to force 2 way traffic through a single lane of traffic is dangerous. A narrow slalom setup is not only dangerous - and could distract drivers from seeing kids dart out, as a result of the increased concentration needed - it also prevents fire trucks from getting through. There is no bike lane, so this setup is actually more dangerous for cyclists than the street was before the installation! Further, it puts homeowners at risk by slowing down / blocking the fire department from responding to emergencies.

(Despite what the greenway council has been saying, multiple residents have complained about getting blocked in, themselves... and none of them drive anything near as big as a firetruck!)

- The fire department was apparently not even notified of the temporary greenway project, much less CONSULTED on it, until 1.5 weeks after it had been installed. Then, they found out by accident, while responding to a garage fire. Click here for more details. - The Greenway council installed cheap hammocks intended for home use (See here). Multiple kids got hurt, including at least one on a bike. That kid caught her shirt on one as she passed, and fell face first into the road. They were removed about a week after being installed... but should never have been installed in the first place. Safety is never a consideration for the Greenway Council!

- When painting the streets, the council used HIGHLY toxic paints (see here) that required multiple types of safety equipment. They ignored the MSDS requirements, and had residents and CHILDREN using the pain with no equipment whatsoever. More on Safety Concerns

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