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Resident Concerns – Anonymous

August 23, 2016

We recently invited those opposed to the Greenway to email their concerns to a list of politicians and others involved with forcing this fiasco on us. With permission, we are sharing some of those that have been forwarded on to us by the author.

If you have sent such an email to the powers that be, and would like us to post it, please send a copy to us at fightback at stopthegreenway dot com. Please include information on how you would prefer your name to appear: Full name, initials, anonymous, etc.

I am a homeowner on the 3500 block of Irving, where there is no car traffic or parking for ten more months.

I think if bicycling enthusiasts or the City Health department are interested in adding new amenities to the North Side, that is wonderful and welcome, but it should be projects that don’t require taking away vital things citizens and residents need - like our streets.

Streets are for driving on, for parking, to provide direct access to our homes in a crime-heavy neighborhood. And this greenway robs residents of all those things while actually adding very little of value or need to our neighborhoods. I see very little in terms of added value or beauty in this current greenway, and I see little use of it from residents or non-residents aside from occasional people sitting on picnic tables and very small children riding training-wheel bikes.

There is a park literally right next to where people are sitting on these picnic tables and riding their tricycles. Can they not just sit on those park picnic tables and ride their tricycles on the ample paths inside Folwell Park so that we residents of Irving may have our streets back for their intended uses of transportation, parking, and access?

The neighbors are quite divided on the issue of this greenway - it doesn’t feel like it has the proper amount of full-hearted support to be robbing all of us of our use of our streets. The way the greenway has been subjected upon us all doesn’t feel right, fair, warranted, or properly beneficial.

Since the trial greenway is not attractive and is receiving such little use, I would hope you could look into ways to take it down early, since I understand from the health department that that is indeed an option.

Thank you for inviting resident feedback. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and reactions to the greenway.

- Anonymous (Name was provided to politicians contacted), 08/01/16


August 23, 2016 at 12:49 pm

Bicycles are vehicles. Cars / trucks are taxed for road use. When will bicycles be taxed for road use and special projects geared towards their operators?

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