Stop The North Minneapolis Greenway
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Maintenance Issues

The city of Minneapolis is already incredibly lax when it comes to plowing the snow in the back alleys - sometimes going many weeks without plowing - and does a terrible job of it when they actually do.

As the alleys are not intended to be main thoroughfares in any way, the pavement is not in the best of shape as it is, which makes for difficult plowing. (Not to mention additional wear and tear on our vehicles!)

Alleys are the last priority when it comes to a snow fall, and we’ve had NO guarantee that this will change once we’re forced to park in the back. Many of us have jobs to get to, and cannot afford to be snowed in as a “last priority” for plowing. We will be getting second class status on basic services that we ALL pay for.

The city already ignores the north side for many maintenance issues as it is. Features such as roundabouts - which the city is supposed to maintain - are typically completely overgrown with weeds, and are complete eyesores.

The alleys are already in a state of disrepair, which will only get worse once subjected to the heavy increase in traffic. What are we supposed to do, when that’s finally being repairs and we have no access to our street parking? There are many elderly and disabled people who can’t simply park a block or two away - nor SHOULD they have to.

There have been no answers provided as to what the city has planned for maintenance of the greenway space itself. None of the residents are thrilled about the idea of having their upkeep responsibility extended to what is currently the middle of the street. It’s adding insult to injury to take our parking, and expect us to maintain the space for the city.

I would imagine that when the upkeep falls to the residents to take care of, it will just be another income stream for the city - citing us for not slaving over THEIR project.

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