Stop The North Minneapolis Greenway
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Home Value Issues

Restricted access to the homes will make it much harder to sell homes on the greenway. People are not going to say "Ooh, a greenway! I'll pay more for that!". They will say "I have to park on another street or in a potentially dangerous alley? No thanks".

Taxes on greenway homes will likely go UP, due to the city’s perceived value of the greenway, as well as all the implementation and maintenance costs. (Yes, a portion is to be covered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield... however, EVERY city project like this has gone way over budget, with the taxpayers on the hook for it. Look at the stadium, for example!)

Many homes on the greenway route were very recently assessed thousands of dollars for street repair. They’ll be paying that off for years, while watching that newly refinished street be torn up and/or covered with sod... and footing the bill for related assessments on THAT.

The additional concentration of crime will further drop property values.

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