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Resident Concerns Ė Ivy and John

August 25, 2016

We recently invited those opposed to the Greenway to email their concerns to a list of politicians and others involved with forcing this fiasco on us. With permission, we are sharing some of those that have been forwarded on to us by the author.

If you have sent such an email to the powers that be, and would like us to post it, please send a copy to us at fightback at stopthegreenway dot com. Please include information on how you would prefer your name to appear: Full name, initials, anonymous, etc.

Hi Iím a home owner ,my husband has owned this house for 16 years. We live on the 3400 block of Irving Ave north.

Iím writing this hoping to be heard. I want to say right off that we have both said NO Greenway from the start. Iíve said no at open streets, the door to door servey, and Iíve even attended a meeting after my neighbor came down very upset and said ďthey are going to take away our parking.Ē That was the first Iíve heard of meetings going on. Even after all that no one ever heard no. I was asked questions like, what are you biggest concerns about the greenway?, Whatís so bad about parking in the ally?, What I hear you saying isÖÖ..& What can I do for you right now?

So now let me tell you what itís like to live here. Yes think about it, I deal with the following every moment at my home.

1. Itís an eyesore. I work really hard to make it beautiful here, I volunteer at the garden on 35th and Humbolt, plant flowers in my neighbors yard, and just did my front yard. All the while I have a pink oval in front of my house. Itís so ugly. What if someone painted their house this color? Just after 2 months of being painted it even looks worse.

2. If this is a greenway why is their no clear bike path? I rode my bike to try it out, I donít think this is practical. Are you supposed to ride from oval to oval swerving all over the street?

3. We are encouraging children to play in the street. When I come home I cant turn on my block, every time their are kids all over the street. They simply donít understand. I had to slam on the breaks several times, so scary to almost hit a kid. At night I nearly missed hitting a basketball hoop. We have beautiful parks on each end. Why are we not encouraging the kids to play in the grass away from traffic. Also the street is now so narrow if someone is coming the other way their is no where to pass. I think people are actually speeding up to make it through to avoid another game of chicken or swerving faster like an obstacle course.

4. I laid down for a nap one afternoon. Windows open, donít have ac. This used to be a quiet street, as I lay their all I can hear is a basketball and music after 45 minutes I got up. Why arenít these activities in the park?

5.Iím really freaked about people hanging in front of my house. I thought ďgreenwayĒ meant transportation corridor. Not hang out in the street. Mostly there is no one is using it to ride bikes. I get the neighborhood teens sitting on the bench in front of my house, smoking who knows what,? and yes more music. My block does not have a large amount kids at the moment. It would be so much worse

6. I cant get out to Lowry so as I use Fremont, I wonder how much traffic is now on the established bike path?

7. Their are other bike paths in this area. And 2 great parks I feel like this is so unnecessary. This is being done to us not with us

8. Parking, came home sat. night at 11:30 to filled up parking in front of my house. My alley has an empty house lot, people are parking there. I often thought ďI wonder what the other alleys are doing?Ē I doubt they have a party field oh I meant parking field. Well anyway their was about 10-20 people in the back, so even though I can park behind my house I didnít dare. Iím a 130 lb female, who cant run, so yes I was scared to park and get out of my truck. Rode back around to the front. took the only spot 5 houses down from me. Got out my house keys and hurried to my front door.

Well this is the first time Iíve ever written the powers to be or showed up to protest. This is put undue pressure on this neighborhood. I used to sit in my front lawn and talk to my neighbors, but now I sit in my backyard alone. Iím not the only one either. As I walk I see less and less of the people who live here. Itís sad. So please reconsider going forward with this project, if there is this much strife that should tell you not a lot of people want this.


John Gonzales & Ivy Orlick home owners who vote


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