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Well, the “Additional Lighting” is in…

June 25, 2016

As we’ve mentioned previously, one of the major concerns about the greenway route is safety. Safety both on the route, and the back alleys that we are being forced to use as a substitute main access point to our homes.

First, a quick reminder about how one (non-resident) who is heavily involved with the greenway council initiatives took our concerns about safety: HERE.

Several months ago, we were told about a plan to add extra lighting to the greenway space (which is QUITE dark at night!), as well as to the back alleys. When pressed for details, the greenway council told us that the additional lighting – safety lighting, mind you – would come in the form of Christmas lights.

Christmas. Lights.

I don’t think I was the only person who thought they were kidding. Not only would it look cheap and tacky (par for the course, as it turned out!)… strands of Christmas lights would provide little more than “mood lighting” for assaults in the area. Christmas lights are certainly no theft deterrent!

Well, the lights are in – in the street anyway. Nothing yet in the alleys. Strands of Christmas lights, as promised. Very, very sparse strands of Christmas lights. Look at the theft deterrent power that they bring to the neighbourhood:

(Thank you for these two photos, Tammy!)

Reportedly, some blocks have 2 strands, one block has 5 or 6. Some are flashing, some are not. Classy!

Upon closer inspection this morning, we found that not only are these solar lights (not very bright), they are solar lights with the panel being placed in the shade of large, ~100ish year old tree canopies. Brilliant move, Einsteins.

Further, they’re not even secured to the trees, beyond being wrapped around the tree and tied to itself.

One resident reported:

"squirrels ate coating off ones on tree in front of my house before they ever turned on"



Jeannine Burnett
June 25, 2016 at 10:05 pm

I know that I am repeating similar sentiments- but seriously, can we at least waste money on people attempting to help other people with real life situations? Like maybe a crisis center – life skills class – child protection investigator – 911 operators. Hell even if you could just waste the money on hiring people to clean up the real trash all over North for the entire summer is millions better spent and would lift up morale more in two weeks than painting streets haneous colors. Seriously to watch this much in materials and man power be utterly wasted is beyond depressing. It’s right up there with giving a kid a lollipop when their hand has been blown off. Nothing they offer is what is actually needed here. To continue to treat this community as if it has no intelligence, no will power and no ideas is so condescending and elitist no wonder no one wants to work with the council. When you come to the table already believing you know what’s best where does that leave the conversation? The respect? The true collaboration to elicit real change. It’s no where- if you want a trial run of s parkway – do it in your own yard to your own home values with your own sub-par finds. North has enough people letting them down to be the Guinea pig for this disaster. I want it removed now. I want an apology for being so blind and disrespectful to our community and I want a panel of people who come together with our community to get going what we really need. We need investment in our schools and more crisis intervention in the family. We need protection from the crime that continues to escalate. And we need real accountability from our leaders and our current participants in government funded services.

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