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City of Minneapolis: Summary of Feedback Received

September 21, 2016

Back on August 26, the city of Minneapolis held yet another “Open House” meeting for residents. (That was the meeting mentioned in THIS post).

As part of this open house, they presented attendees with a limited number of copies of a 37 page document: “Summary Report of Resident Feedback”. They said that the document would be available on the Greenway website.

Well, a month later, and we’ve finally got a copy of this report. You can download it by clicking HERE.

A few notes:

1. At the meeting, the city of Minneapolis representatives claimed that the report contained ALL feedback received up until a certain date. As we were BCC’ed on several emails sent to their department, we know this to be false. There are several emails we were copied on that were NOT in the booklet, despite being sent before the cutoff date mentioned.

2. As you will see, the feedback is overwhelmingly negative, even with leaving out some of the feedback they’ve received.

3. To this date, the Greenway Council and City of Minneapolis continues to spew a narrative about them having “overwhelming support” from the community. How they can do so with a straight face, while also publishing this report is beyond us.

4. As previously mentioned, there have been multiple reports of dissenting feedback NOT being recorded at multiple in-person feedback gathering sessions.

5. We appreciate that the City of Minneapolis is finally acknowledging that their data collection standards have been less than acceptable to date.

6. Some of the language contained in the report is NSFW.


September 21, 2016 at 10:21 pm

Wow. That’s a LOT of SERIOUS concerns. I cannot believe the city would put such hardship on property tax paying citizens in the name of kids play and adult recreation!! Residents’ concerns FAR outweigh the reasons cited for implementing this project.

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