Stop The North Minneapolis Greenway
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Apples To Oranges

February 8, 2016

Another common theme that we’re seeing in those who support/promote/shove this greenway project down our throats, is the constant need to point out examples of why this greenway will work.. that have nothing to do with the situation of this particular greenway.

One favorite is when they trot out the example of the Midtown greenway. Apparently that one did raise home values nearby – see if you can spot what may be different about that one:

Spoilers! The Midtown greenway is a 5+ mile stretch of former *railroad* corridor. Not only did it NOT take away parking, access to homes, or in any way negatively impact logistics for the homeowners nearby…

… it replaced a (presumably noisy!) train line with (presumably quiet!) cyclists. Why *wouldn’t* property values go up, in such a situation?

… it is in no way similar to the proposed North Minneapolis greenway.

Another example is seen below:

In this case, a proponent of the greenway (who, again, doesn’t actually live on the proposed route) is trying to use the example of a planned greenway space, to illustrate the supposed benefit to this proposed greenway space.

When planned from the start, greenways can be beautiful, useful, safe, and yes – increase property value.

When hastily planned, forced upon those who stand to be inconvenienced (at BEST!) by the greenway… that is simply not the case here.


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