Stop The North Minneapolis Greenway
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Various photos of the blight this greenway has added to the neighbourhood. It is ugly and tacky, on top of being unsafe and ill-planned.

Ugly construction barriers

Cheap looking horse troughs as “planters”

They couldn’t even be bothered to take the product stickers off the “planters”

Neon pink is not “green space”

Future blight: This has already caused problems for people moving: that sidewalk was not meant to hold a moving truck, and homeowners will be assessed for repairs.

Looks like a colourful war zone.

Diapers and misc garbage. Photo by Duane A

Broken equipment. Photo by Duane A

Ugly. Photo by Duane A

Photo by Gregory M

3 weeks after being set up, the planters are still labeled. Photo by Gregory M

“If it was about the bikers, they would fix the huge potholes before painting a track” Photo by Gregory M

Photo by Gregory M

Neon yellow, Neon blue, and more.

There’s a removable cover for a reason. Why would anyone think it’s a great idea to bolt down a giant horse trough over this?

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