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A Look at Who is Running the Show Here…

August 30, 2016

A few days ago, we wrote about a disturbing “joke” that Alexis Pennie – chairman of the Northside Greenway Council – made at the expense of the residents affected by the greenway. (See HERE)

After that entry was posted, we received an anonymous tip: it advised us to contact the Folwell Neighborhood Association. The tip said that Alexis had been a board member of the association, before being removed because of conduct issues.

We emailed to request the information – which is available to the public at the Folwell Office – and received it this afternoon. We have redacted the identifying information of the business involved, as it was clear from the file that they had not wanted that to be public. You can download the 5 page pdf file, HERE.

We’ve written before about the toxic “isms” involved with the Greenway Council, and with their implementation of the greenway thusfar. (Racism, Ableism, Classism, and Sexism with the Greenway Project). This new information is truly egregious.

Why has the City of Minneapolis continued to allow this person to helm the project?

Why is it in any way appropriate that someone who gets themselves banned from a neighbourhood establishment – and kicked off a neighbourhood association – for THAT kind of behaviour be in charge of a project that so hugely impacts this very neighbourhood? Again, he doesn’t even live even adjacent to the proposed route, much less the currently impacted area.

Would this nonsense be tolerated – not to mention being SUPPORTED by the city – in any other neighbourhood in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis, you need to do better by your residents. We deserve better than to have this greenway nonsense foisted on us by an organization run by someone who reportedly can’t keep his hands, mouth, racist language, and sexual harassment to himself… ESPECIALLY when acting as a representative of a neighbourhood organization.


Roberta Englund
August 31, 2016 at 12:58 am

Alexis was never a representative of the Folwell Neighborhood Association relative to the Greenway!

Randy K
August 31, 2016 at 2:07 am

Perverts and poverty pimps rule!

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