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More Sign Thefts and Vandalism

July 15, 2016

Yesterday morning, I was saddened to see yet another report of stolen “Stop the Greenway” signs along the 3500 block. By this account – with photos – every sign had been pulled up and dumped in the street.

This was the morning after Greenway representative Will Lumpkins had hosted a pro-greenway event, and – no surprise – every single one of the yellow “Support the Greenway” signs remained as they were.

When I walked the route later that afternoon, I was saddened to see that most of the remaining “Stop” signs had now been tethered to something more permanent on the resident’s lawn (in one case), or moved indoors (windows, behind storm doors, etc) altogether – in most of the other cases. Many more of the signs that we had placed were just missing altogether.

It makes me angry that this organization and/or its supporters – backed with hundreds of thousands of dollars – attempts to squash negative feedback in any way possible. Those were signs I paid for from my own pocket, later reimbursed by crowd funded donations from the community. They stole from all of us, these actions are working to silence all of us.

To add insult to injury, this comes only 2 weeks after I addressed the theft/vandalism issue with greenway council chair Alexis Pennie, who promised me that he would put out an official, public request from the greenway council to ask its supporters to not steal and vandalize our signs. I agreed to do so in return, for our side. I followed through, he did not.

This is just another example of how the pro-greenway side has been working to force a narrative of support from the community.

I recently wrote about my frustration with this unfair, uphill, “David vs Goliath” battle, in this blog entry. This recent spate of sign thefts/vandalism seems like awful punctuation to that article. It’s exhausting.

To those promoting and supporting the greenway, I ask: If you legitimately want resident feedback and input, why are you so invested in silencing any and all dissent? If you think you are in the right in forcing this greenway on us, why must you work so hard to make it seem like you have “overwhelming support”?

To those fighting against the greenway: Thank you again for your support. Hold strong!

Also, again: I understand that this has been frustrating, but please, PLEASE do not lower yourselves to their level. Leave the pro-greenway signs as they are. We are fighting for what’s right, and we can’t succumb to or adopt their dishonest tactics to do so.


Jean Hawkins-Koch
July 15, 2016 at 12:30 pm

Great post. It has been incredibly disappointing that – despite the Greenway Council’s repeated requests – they truly do not want all neighborhood feedback. This has been demonstrated time and again by edited meeting notes, lack of transparency of project plans, no regular updates, etc. Adding insult to injury, while residents are denied street parking and driving access, the Greenway planners and vendors park on it AND (on more than one occasion) just now drive on the sidewalks and/or front lawns. The hypocrisy is astounding.

Residents have reported increased garbage that THEY have been told to pick up. Now we’re being condescended to with meeting invites to “show you how to use the greenway.” Really? I think we know how to use a damn street.

It has also not gone unnoticed that one of the biggest advocates for the Greenway uses undertones of racism and classism in most of his communications, telling anyone not born here or of a specific race that they should not have a voice, regardless if they own affected property or not.

The timing of the removal of the Stop the Greenway signs is incredibly suspect. I guess it just follows the theme of silencing dissenting voices.

Joel Baird
July 15, 2016 at 3:56 pm

I wonder if the politicians supporting this bikeway will condone this activity when election time comes around.

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